Steel River Junction is an original 7 piece, catchy,  Americana/Pop band from Seattle. The group was birthed out of the band “Chasing Jane” that was rocking the charts back in 2010 but then had to suddenly leave the scene when their lead singer, Chelsi Marie, became ill with a heart condition. The band is back, bigger, bolder, and ready to hit the music scene again in 2019 with a brand new album called, “Whiskey Road”!

The hooks are singalong catchy, but the songs are also sophisticated and tell a story. Seattle Times writer Joanna Horowitz said of the band… “Their incredible bond and complementary strengths as musicians give Chasing Jane a je ne sais quoi. Chelsi has smooth silky vocals that are complimented by DaLona’s layers of harmony and they leave you hypnotized… hungry for more. The band has multiple talented musicians each often playing more than one of them live, keeping you on your toes just wondering what’s next!…”

Chelsi’s song writing did not end while the band was on the 9 year hiatus. Instead, life stories enriched, and the core of the band never broke up… so in 2018, they began to rebuild! There were several big changes with this process. When the group began to reorganize they realized that a group in Canada has begun using the same name while “Chasing Jane-USA” had been off the scene. So the group began brainstorming names. Thinking of the more “steely sound” since now dobro and mandolin are in the band, and that there is a “river of vocals”, they decided on renaming the group as Steel River Junction to represent the union of where all these sounds converge. They are definitely no longer the band from before, they are something even more special! They are keeping three of the old songs from the “Chasing Jane” days, but this is mostly as a nod of nostalgia to the loyal fan base.

Chelsi Lee Marie and DaLona Foster who were the original front girls back in the day, but since have added a 3rd voice to make an even more sultry new sound! Take those lilty vocals and then add in Dulcinea Renee. Dulci was on the indie pop scene just a few years back herself, and brings that little extra shiver down your spine where those 3 harmonies now sync. All 4 men in the band do back-up vocals as well, making the vibe rich and contagious as ever.

The band will only be playing a couple of times a year due to Chelsi’s health, but their goal is to put on a well produced, packed out, polished show each time. The group is passionate about creating and plans to release albums regularly over the next several years. In addition to the new album entitled “Whiskey Road”, to be released in fall 2019, they intend to follow it with an Original Holiday Album! They also plan on a 3rd album a year or so after that! Videos are being created, tracks are being laid down, photo shoots are in the works, and they are preparing for a first show in early summer 2019.

Keep your eye out for concert dates, and the album release!!!! ALSO DONATE TO THE WHISKEY ROAD GO-FUND-ME BELOW IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED!



Chelsi Marie-Lead Singer/Songwriter and plays guitar/percussion/ukulele in the group. She is a music producer in the Seattle area doing artist development, and also works in publishing and also does session work and song writing instruction.

DaLona Foster-Harmonies/2nd Vox and co-writer, and plays keys/percussion/harmonicas. DaLona occasionally also does session vocal work, and has a career in Graphic design and real estate.

Dulcinea Renee-Harmonies/2nd Vox and co-writer, and plays guitars/ukelele/percussion  in the group. Dulci works in customer service, and has been known to do session work in Seattle  for commercials as well.

Jeff Brumley-BGV’s, banjo/mandolin/electric guitar and octave mandolin. Jeff  is a career musician, plays with Rise Up Hamilton, a mandolin orchestra, and is a session bassist in addition to his career in technology.

Elmore Lewis-BGV’s, dobro, electric, and acoustic. Elmore is a polished musician with multiple impressive careers, has his own studio where he engineers, and has been on the music sceene jammin blues with the best of them for years.

Tige Decoster-BGV’s, upright bass, electric bass. Tige works at the Seattle Drums School and gives instruction in addition to working at the Instrument Repair Collective. He plays in several local bands.

Tacket Brown-BGV’s, drums/percussion. Tacket is a full time session drummer, and in addition to having his own home drum studio where he creates tracks for people all over the US, he works at Digi Pen in Redmond.